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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Villa in Shankarpally

With the beginning of the new year with so many challenges in every field and sector, Hyderabad Real Estate also runs on unlocking new challenges with a lot of factors affecting directly and indirectly. Situated in the middle of interlinking National Highways and Airways, Hyderabad is nowhere beaten by any other city in terms of location advantage to commute and the scenic hilltop views.

Along with this, the Information Technology revolution started in the year 1986, with the first IT tower in Hyderabad embarks its journey to date and this graph is upward to a horizon of heights.

With all these, the land in Hyderabad goes from a normal rural area rate to a metropolitan valued land rate, ranging from 30cr-100cr in the west Hyderabad and 10cr-40cr in other sides of Hyderabad.

Now we will discuss the factors that may affect the rise of Real Estate in 2024, or we can say these are the factors on which the Real Estate of Hyderabad has relied.

Let's discuss all the above-mentioned factors one by one:

1. Macro Economical aspects

In 2024 Hyderabad real estate may be affected by the below-mentioned sub-points under economic aspects. As we all know the wars between countries for dominance one over another have been going on for the last few years. This leads to the fear of starting new ventures and businesses around the world, leading to a lower intake of skilled professionals and also giving less pay for their work. This is an indirect one that may affect the rate of buyers of Hyderabad real estate.

The rate of economic growth also slowed down after the pandemic hit in 2020, which led to the lack of money in the hands of people to buy new properties.

  1. Unemployment, GDP of people, and National Income is also slowed down due to major reasons which directly and indirectly affect the real estate market of Hyderabad.

  2. NOTE: Many of the Telugu people who settled in Hyderabad are working as NRI professionals, we need to note that compared to Eastern countries, Western countries have been facing severe economic crisis and recession from past couple of years and our people are there in bunches. These also affect our Hyderabad Real Estate sales.

2 State Budget of Telangana:

For Real Estate development in any state, the Budget proposed by the state on their infrastructure development like providing more metro lines, building flyovers, making the road lines from 2 to 4, or 4 to 8; the budget on employment creation in the state matters a lot for the Real Estate.

Coming to Hyderabad, Telangana also, the state budget which is going to be held next month, or coming few months, Real Estate is partially dependent on the above-mentioned factors of the budget.

3 Centre-State Relations:

As we know the new govt formed in the Telangana State is INC and the last ruled govt is BRS, which is a regional state party of Telangana. The factor Center-state Relations is the key factor in making Hyderabad’s Real Estate good or bad. Already approved Inner Ring Road in Hyderabad and NIMZ in Zaheerabad are some of the projects that will be developed with the center and state coordination.

The situation now seems very cool, unlike a normal INC versus BJP govt in other states. CM Reddy met PM, Modi, after taking oath over Telangana CM and the situation also seems cool as of now from the centre towards the state.

Overall, the Centre-State Relations will be very major in making the real estate of Hyderabad good.

4 Government Policies and Initiatives:

Hyderabad’s real estate landscape is intrinsically tied to governmental policies and initiatives. Measures introduced to encourage or deter real estate investment, urban development projects, and incentives for

The integration of technological advancements in real estate operations also carries an impact. Innovations such as PropTech (Property Technology) and changing consumer preferences towards smart homes and sustainable developments may redefine market demands and investment opportunities.

5 Overcrowding in Real Estate:

The main factor that will affect Hyderabad’s real estate is overcrowding in the sector. Many inexperienced companies without any knowledge of handling real estate ventures and without proper financial planning are entering the market to gain a share of real estate profits. This affects the reliability of the real estate business in the buyer’s mind. So, do research before investing or buying your dream home/land in the pearls of the city.


Lastly, Hyderabad real estate has been steady for the past 50 years starting from a small-sized town to now a metropolitan city. Investing in Hyderabad is a good decision by considering all the given factors subject to change with time. And many people at this point are making decisions prejudicial to their plans. So, it is better to analyze the market trends and factors affecting the market ranging from Centre and state relations, overcrowding with inefficient developers, State budget, Government Policies and Initiatives, and macroeconomic aspects.

Wishing you a great Real Estate Journey ahead.

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